How to create the style guide of your Brand?

One of the documents that any company must have in its possession, it is a style guide that defines the rules of design and brand communication. However, there are very few that they realize the importance of this manual to transmitting an image consistent brand. Style guides or brand bibles contain all information necessary to create all the graphic design materials and written texts, which requires your company. Whether a website, an advertisement, a press release, etc. This small document will make your life much easier.

If these guidelines are so important, why has not everyone?

The most important reason is time. Style guides do not appear magically, take time and effort to create them. But what happens if you hire a new designer? How long will it take you to explain what your corporate colors and fonts? Where and how your logo should appear? What language should be used in press releases?

By creating a style guide for your brand you save all these problems. Here we have the basics you should have this document.

1. The logo

The logo is a very important part of your company. It is the element around which will create the entire brand image. In the style guide can dictate exactly how you want your logo is used, its size and its place in the space. In this example, it defines how Temple will have to use their logo and color variations that could have.

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Temply Logo Design

Equally important it is to define how you want to display your logo, which define what you do not want. The designers are creative by nature and can make new proposals, but if you have any problems with the design, you can always refer to the style guide and clearly show what you want and what not.

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Oxford Logo Design

If your company uses different variations of the logo to identify each of the services you offer, you also have to define the style guide for knowing when to use each.

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FedEx Logo Design

2. Colors

It is important to give the exact hexadecimal code to your designers to use color on the web, as well as CMYK and Pantone color values for items to be printed. Changes between RGB and CMYK can be serious, so be sure to manually check conversions to be accurate, as you will save time and money on printing. Here you can see how Fedex dictates the appropriate color codes to ensure consistency in all areas.

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Colors in Logo Designing


3. Typography

The choice of  typeface  suitable is a great way to provide consistency and professionalism to your brand. Choose one or more sources that reflect your brand identity, but determines when and how to use each of them. In this example you can see how the size, font and kerning that should have every source, and its different uses shown.

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Working for Tipografia

4. Iconography

The iconography is a good way to differentiate your brand. Include it in your guide to make sure it is being properly used. You can define different uses, colors and sizes. This is an example of how design can be applied to different documents with minor variations:

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Iconography in Designing and Branding

5. Photography

Photography can also be a reflection of your brand. The styles specific photograph can make your customers recognize your brand even if the picture does not take your name. If your brand sells clothing, furniture, jewelry etc, you need to define the style each catalog must have for photographers with whom you work may have a reference.

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Photography Examples

6. Web

Today is a must have Internet presence. Your website should reflect your brand image as much as any other application or document. Many of the materials you used for printed documents will be translated well to the web, but there are some things that are only going to be strictly online, such as buttons, a 404 page or the menu bar. A 404 page can make more enjoyable fun an uncomfortable situation.

7. Determines the voice of your brand

You must find a way to communicate with your customers to define the style of your company: a voice brand.  In an ideal world, you would have a single person constantly writing about everything your company needs, but most times it will not be possible. you must give the editor guidelines, words and phrases that should always appear in all your texts, as well as a list of words to avoid. Be clear with the kind of language you use and how it should sound. Now that you know the basics, ask yourself what you really need, because each brand will have some documents, images and different applications. There are some style guides that have more than 100 pages and others only have one.

It is also important to realize that brands change. The style guide you’re using right now might not be the same as within a year. Allows flexibility, but always be sure to keep old versions in which to ask questions. Logo Designz Pros offers branding services.

What makes a good logo design?

A good logo is considered powerful; it includes images or typography that makes it stand out among the rest. In this context, a logo is supposed to be unique, and one must not confuse themselves with the logos of other companies like their competition.

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Custom Logo Design Services

A good logo is recognizable. It may be associated with a specific business quickly and easily. A good logo is also timeless. It should stand out and maintain that look in 10, 20 or even 50 years, yes we know, it’s easier said than done. A good logo also reinforces your brand. It should convey the right mood, tone and feeling of your business. If you decide to make your logo that represents the type of your business you have, you need a logo that supports your brand. A very good logo conveys the quality, skills and the values that your company on its own creates.

Custom Logo Design Services

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A Logo is Just Not Enough for Your Brand

Your logo is a part of your brand. But, a brand is beyond just a logo.

When does a logo become your brand identity? First, We need to understand what is a logo and what is a brand?

  • Logo is a meaningful piece of design with the company name written in a beautiful way. There are three elements of the the logo. Icon, font and color. Every element is important. Your logo should be flexible to fit in every marketing material.
  • Brand is the customer’s perception and ideas about your company. Customer makes your product a brand, Because the brand lives in the heart of customer’s.
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Company Logo Design Service

Idea’s of your customer about your brand can be controllable by communicating your brand through graphics and eye-popping design. Use your design repeatedly in your marketing material to make your brand first preference of your target audience. That’s all there to create a place in their heart and helping your audience to perceive good image about your brand.

Convert your Products into BRAND!!

  • The strategies makes you a brand: Strategy that communicates your brand. Before branding your product, You need to identify who you are? What are your products or services? What is different and unique about your product. And,To put that all together you need to create a brand strategy, To communicate all this to your audience in simple and easy way. Use your brand story as a base to create all your visual designs, Business portfolio, And marketing material to make marketing strategies.
  • Visual Vocabulary makes you a brand: Visual communication is more than just a logo. If you print your logo with plain text on paper, That would be nice, But if you include some additional graphics, Borders,  Some nice background color and some colorful and stylish font. This gives you an opportunity to create impressive and sensational design for your brand.
  • Marketing material design makes you a brand: Your official website, business card, Pamphlet, Ebook cover, Blogs, And even your social media pages is an important part of your brand. These materials should bolster each other to create a good blend, but not too much.
  • Good customer service makes you a brand: Your brand should convey a message that you really care about your clients, And you are always there to provide complete assistance whenever they need help.
  • Way of communication makes you a brand: If you design a new website for your clients,But your content is outdated that means you are not a good brand. If your annual report puts your competitors in a shock, That’s called a good brand.
  • Your employee’s makes you a brand: Brand is your employee and how well they represent you. Having a good and loyal employees is an achievement, And that makes you a brand.
  • Your logo makes you a brand: A great brand should have a great logo. Your logo should be attractive to catch attention of your clients. The Logo is also considered as part of your brand, But logo alone cannot be a brand.

A brand is how much you care about your clients and your business at every step. So, Brand is much more than a logo, Whether you have an eye-popping logo or not you should have your brand identity.

Company Logo Design Service

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Basic features of a well-developed website

There are certain elements of usability which should have your website so your visitors can find information quickly and easily. In this article we describe what are and what the advantages of each are. The structure of the website should be visually intuitive and easy to use.

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Website Development Company

It is important that, at a glance, you can identify the following elements in a clear and consistent throughout the site:

  • Header
    • Logo (not blurry, not bad cut, not pixilated)
    • Under the logo, a short phrase that indicates exactly what your company is engaged. For example, under our logo it says “Design and Development of Web Pages and Applications.”
  • Navigation bar.
    It must remain in the same place on all interior pages, but may be elsewhere on the cover if there is good justification. Being always in the same place the visitor always knows where to look for other options. The different levels of options should be visually indicated with fonts, bold, colors or drop down menus. The texts of each option should be clear and concise. If your site has many sections and you have to create two or three menu levels, feel free to do so, as long as you think an easy way to intuit.
  • Main content area.
    It is the area where the view of the visitor goes after quickly search through the header. You must put your information.
  • Lateral content (optional).
    In some cases it is useful to have a sidebar, which can be placed easily accessible information, such as phone numbers or a link to our quote form.
  • Footer.
    It must contain an alternate menu in plain text, with first class options. I also use it to post contact information or other important information. The content Foot must appear on all pages.


Features that make pleasant and useful visit to a website

They must be used correctly different tools (HTML, CSS, ASP.NET or some other server-side language, AJAX, etc.) to achieve a navigation that has the following characteristics:

  • Light pages download quickly.
  • The format and style of the various elements are centralized in a single file, so that the browser only has to read once.
  • technical elements that facilitate Internet search engine indexing:
    • Inclusion of Meta tags “Description” and “Keywords“.
    • Well-written information without attempts to fool the search engines.
    • Using H1 to H6 tags for titles.
  • Optimized weighing fewer images.
  • Do not use frames (frames). This avoids some errors display in the browser and facilitates printing.
  • Do not use Flash when not add value. Internet search engines and some Smartphone and tablets cannot read the text in Flash.
  • In most cases it is advisable to use a (not expandable to the full width of the screen) fixed width for easy reading.
  • Using easily readable font types and a tool to allow the text to grow. There is an estimate that 75% of adults use some type of glasses to correct vision.
  • All pages will have an absolute URL. That is, each page will have a different and unique address in the address bar of your browser (may seem obvious, but there are websites that do not work well). Doing it correctly, it is possible for visitors to add your site to favorites or send a link to a particular product by e-mail.
  • Optionally you can use the breadcrumb (breadcrumb) on every page. Example: “You are in: Home -> Services -> Consulting“.
  • Sticking to standards development to ensure that the website can be viewed in all browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Contact the visitor through forms and online chat tool.
  • To break the monotony of large amounts of text, use own stock or photographs.
  • Using Google Analytics or some other tool to measure income to the website.
  • The copy of the website, i.e., the information it contains, must have these characteristics:
    • Well written texts, containing information relevant to what we want to highlight.
    • Do not try to trick Internet search engines by exaggerated repetitions of words, use the same color of text and background, or some other undesirable tactics.
    • Do not use highly technical language as our potential customers are not necessarily experts in the field.
    • Keep text short and concise.
    • Include a section (or blog) which generated articles are published by your company on the theme that dominates. This helps make your page more relevant to search engines, plus you become a reliable source of information for your customers and prospects.


These characteristics are the basic that a website should have, but more should be evaluated according to project and customer requirements to provide additional tools like Flipping Books, Ad Words campaigns, use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube), application development, control panels to manage databases, content managers to change the information from the website automatically Intranet development tools, optimized access for mobile devices, blogs, or other.

Logo Designz Pros is web development company that offers custom website development.

Development of ecommerce website design and its strategy

Ecommerce refers to the sum of all interactions that a customer has with your company, either through the website, mobile or other digital environments. The more a customer performs operations through its website, the more likely to recommend your company to family and friends. The brand experience online that you believe is a comprehensive strategy to retain their customers and attract new customers through word of mouth spreading the reputation of your company.

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Ecommerce Website Designing

The first step is to develop a basic ecommerce strategy to help you identify gaps and plan actions, verify compliance and ensure customer satisfaction by considering all the moving parts of your store. The lack of a strategy can cause you the following disadvantages:

  • Confusing website designs that can increase the bounce rate
  • Security issues will generate a loss of confidence and a bad reputation for your organization
  • Breach of the rules, which can result in heavy fines and inability to meet payments
  • Poor resource planning, which can lead to disruptions that harm sales

The desired result in terms of customer satisfaction will define the commercial approach, technologies used and the security measures implemented to develop trust and loyalty of customers and ensure that you continue trading while recommend.

A delay of a second to provide a response may result in a decrease of 7% in conversions.

The path chosen by a trader to develop your ideal customer experience is unique to your industry, brand vision and objectives; however, you should include these elements:

  • based on the user to define aesthetic aspects and ways of purchasing strategy
  • Selection of the platform, including a plan to define a new platform, if necessary
  • appropriate to the market, exclusive mobile functionality from your desktop website
  • Security measures and compliance with specific standards of their industry
  • Preparation to support peak traffic, including a load test performance and comparative studies.

Think as a customer in designing ecommerce website. First, consider the look, feel and flow of your ecommerce website design. Then, analyze your activities in social media and other online activities. Home page of an ecommerce web design should say “hello” as if to a customer in a real store. From there, ecommerce website design should promote navigation, presenting relevant messages, information located in visible locations, sizes suitable image, a coherent design, the ability to surf locally and a safe environment.

Use dynamic pages in ecommerce web design to present personalized content based on the user profile. For example, a sporting goods retailer could show a home page highlighting the supply of equipment for camping. This homepage can be ideal for a former user who has searched shops, while a user who searched watercraft can be attracted by a completely different content. Improved search capabilities give users a quick way to find exactly what they are searching for when they want to surf the entire site. One way to promote experiences that transform to site browsers into loyal customers is to add content to support the buying process, as reviews of products, multiple product views and chat.

In ecommerce website design, use tools of analysis and customer surveys to determine which are appropriate for your product and customer characteristics. This will help you find out what is working or what their current needs are. Implement the more advanced features in web designs as they can mean more than just change text and images. Instead, you may need to rethink schemes or renew the current databases and ways to relax contemplate systems for the collection, storage and handling of new data types.

Combinations of Color and Layout in Web Designing

After the web designer presents the architecture of a web, or wireframe, the customer to give approval, the next step is to determine the look and tone of the web using color and graphics. This section will demonstrate how to keep this process as simple as possible, both for us and for the customer. I believe in the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy.

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Website Designing

There are two reasons for using this tactic: First, life is complicated enough as it is; second, a simple plan also helps maintain a more accessible and usable Web for all involved. In this section, you should do the following:

  • Determine the typeface for headings, subheads and body copy, along with other typographic elements.
  • Plan different color combinations for the web design.
  • Create an outline for the customer to decide the color and graphics of the web design.
  • Think of how to test the web design before putting it active.

One of the first steps to end web design is to choose the fonts that you will be using throughout the website. Many studies have shown that a variety of fonts on a website can confuse the reader. Moreover, a web design that uses only one font for all may seem bland.

Although the color and composition are very attractive to the web designer, you must also take into account other design elements. Typography, images and the possibility of incorporating the needs of a client regarding advertising and financing are important elements in the website designing. The demands a web designer to satisfy the desires of a customer, meet the needs of readers who ask websites accessible and usable, and yet create a great design can seem overwhelming at times.

Even more frustrating is the lack of compatibility between different browsers. Although progress has been made towards greater compatibility in the last decade, it is understood that the finished web design may be different in different browsers. In addition, website designers should understand that in some browsers users can change an entire web just by clicking on a button. Website designers can delete images, change the background color and text, and users can ignore anything that includes JavaScript matter how small.

Moreover, progress towards a more compatible environment and an interesting new era of web functionality can prove to be an interesting for web designers challenge today. Website designers have to think that have not yet been thirty years since home computers began to be widely available in the retail market. Think what you can bring the next decade for the website design who is interested in keeping abreast of all changes.

How to create a website?

You need a website, but you do not know where to start. Check out the materials below, and you will learn the basics of creating web resources.

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Creating a Website

Creating your own website

If you’re not a web developer, you need a good template or a program for designing websites to start your own online business. Perhaps someone who has some technical skills, prefer to start with a basic template, and then slightly change the code to adapt the website to suit your needs. However, many relatively simple baseline programs help you to design a functional and neat website. Anyone who is looking for a comfortable program usually finds best simple and intuitive website developer.  Website designers are often run on a platform WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get (What you see is what you get). With WYSIWYG, you can easily imagine the end result and quickly make changes to the layout of the site. With WYSIWYG you do not have to understand the code of a website design, you do not get stuck and cannot go wrong. Web development will be presented in a neat and easy to read format that does not require special technical skills.

The cost of Designing and Developing a Website

The development of the website you can spend a little or a lot of money – it depends on you. The abundance of free templates demonstrates a quick search on Google, gives us confidence, but for the template settings, FTP, server, and so on. It takes time and some technical skill. For those who prefer to focus on the business, there are simple and affordable designer’s websites. Logo Designz Pros offers plans for web development as low as $100 / year – on any budget. Perhaps you want to learn how to develop websites, but if you select the Web Designer sites from Logo Designz Pros, then in the process of training, you will never be left without help. Experienced website developers from our customer service on a daily basis will assist you in solving problems, to speed up the launch of your website. To contact them, you can simply make a phone call. This is one of the benefits that provide a small price to pay for the creation of a website.

Creating a website for mobile devices

More than 50% of searches performed on the Internet from a mobile device, and the number is increasing day by day. As a personal website and a website for a business have to be adapted for mobile devices, so that users always been easy to work with him. If you are looking for a website developer including mobile devices, you must pay attention to the function, which is called “responsive design“. A website with responsive design – it’s just a website, which automatically adjusts to the size of the device screen on which his browsing. Thanks to responsive design you can be sure that the users who visit your website to Smartphone’s and tablets, can just as easily as users of desktop computers, go from one page to another and find what they need.

Creating a website for e-commerce

Companies selling products via the internet, you need a website developer that allows you to create a shopping cart for an online store. In this case, you need a system that allows you to add products, manage goods in stock and accept credit cards. Previously, in order to create websites that can handle all the complex logistics of an online store, business owners had to use the expensive services of a web developer. Nowadays, however, the means to develop websites (e.g., Online Shop) became much better, and you as a business owner will be easy to set up your own website for e-commerce and make payments via the Internet.

Progress with Logo Designz Pros

Begin the process of creating a website with a subscription to the website designer from Logo Designz Pros. Thanks to the huge number of customizable templates, intuitive tools and helping outstanding specialists from our customer service support in your website mode very soon start to work.