Tips for Creating a successful Website Design

Designing an attractive and functional website is the dream of every website designer. What exactly pay for a good result – time or money, you decide. You can always find the best solution on the basis of all financial possibilities and the availability of time. Logo Designz Pros shares tips on how to create revenue generating, appealing and user friendly website.

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Professional Website Designing

1. Analyze the Competition: Before designing a site you must view certain competitors’ resources and pretend that all of them could have come for you. But the more efficient will be a detailed analysis of sites from the same segment as yours. Try to understand why your competitors selected such website design, whether it attracts visitors? Rate the designs and navigation – which is immediately evident on the site, for which clings to look, and that may not be noticeable to the public. Pay attention to the content – of which he is, whether it is interested and appealing for the target audience. If your website is eCommerce store, then test whether it is suitable – whether the right products look easy, which payment methods are presented, whether it is possible to order directly? Look closely at the technical component of favorite sites, for example, on what CMS they are created. Based on this analysis, it will be easier in the future to determine the design and the key instruments for the resource.

2. Selecting CMS – Rely on the functionality of the Web DesignDecide what type of resource you need – a blog, forum, online store, web application, reference, social networking, or something else. The site can be both simple and multi-functional, i.e. comprise several components listed above. To determine the full range of features it is better to add individual components. It can be a problem for you, and for visitors. For example, if you need to implement a single authentication method. For a ready list of requirements to the site, it could be much easier to determine the choice of CMS. From free platforms most popular are WordPress and Joomla.

3. Use familiar tools: If you have previously tried to create a site, you may already have the tools that you prefer, or at least have an idea how to work with them. This should be used. Website can be designed by any tool, even the simplest tools; the only question is the amount of effort to accomplish the task. For example, an online store can be done on the basis of WordPress, and forum – based generator of static sites. Do not forget about the additional modules for your website that will make it more functional. For example, if you have an online store, you cannot do without the mediation of payments. Well, if you want to identify your readers in the blog, then you need the authorization module.

4. Layout create with their own hands: Depending on the selected CMS find the best way for you to create a design or themes for the future of the site. If you can afford to invest a modest amount to the creation of a site, try Artisteer or a new product from the same developer Themler . You can find free versions are always for a limited budget. If you’re using WordPress, then start with the Make or Unyson . These special themes allow you to create designs directly from the administration interface. Making a site without reference to a particular CMS you can create on the Brackets, Pingendo, LayoutIt or Canva. These free tools are available for different operating systems, and as a result of the work you will get a compact and clean layout.

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Useful Tools in Designing a Website

5. Do not neglect the Free Templates: If the creation of an independent theme and layout of the site proved to be a difficult task, then do not be afraid to contact the free templates. Most of them meet all the latest trends of web design. Find both free and commercial templates for Joomla and WordPress sites. Working with free templates, be sure to carefully review all sections of the site and replace it test content and design elements on their own. Try not to imitate the websites of competitors and develop your own style and material supply to the target audience see your personality.

6. Mission Possible – delegate complex tasks: Refer all the skills that are beyond your competence. Examples are the preparation of info graphics and illustrations, work with hosting, website promotion, and information security. Remember if you are self-site creation for them taking on the role of the customer and, therefore, can appreciate the end result, even if you are not a designer.

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