Basic features of a well-developed website

There are certain elements of usability which should have your website so your visitors can find information quickly and easily. In this article we describe what are and what the advantages of each are. The structure of the website should be visually intuitive and easy to use.

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Website Development Company

It is important that, at a glance, you can identify the following elements in a clear and consistent throughout the site:

  • Header
    • Logo (not blurry, not bad cut, not pixilated)
    • Under the logo, a short phrase that indicates exactly what your company is engaged. For example, under our logo it says “Design and Development of Web Pages and Applications.”
  • Navigation bar.
    It must remain in the same place on all interior pages, but may be elsewhere on the cover if there is good justification. Being always in the same place the visitor always knows where to look for other options. The different levels of options should be visually indicated with fonts, bold, colors or drop down menus. The texts of each option should be clear and concise. If your site has many sections and you have to create two or three menu levels, feel free to do so, as long as you think an easy way to intuit.
  • Main content area.
    It is the area where the view of the visitor goes after quickly search through the header. You must put your information.
  • Lateral content (optional).
    In some cases it is useful to have a sidebar, which can be placed easily accessible information, such as phone numbers or a link to our quote form.
  • Footer.
    It must contain an alternate menu in plain text, with first class options. I also use it to post contact information or other important information. The content Foot must appear on all pages.


Features that make pleasant and useful visit to a website

They must be used correctly different tools (HTML, CSS, ASP.NET or some other server-side language, AJAX, etc.) to achieve a navigation that has the following characteristics:

  • Light pages download quickly.
  • The format and style of the various elements are centralized in a single file, so that the browser only has to read once.
  • technical elements that facilitate Internet search engine indexing:
    • Inclusion of Meta tags “Description” and “Keywords“.
    • Well-written information without attempts to fool the search engines.
    • Using H1 to H6 tags for titles.
  • Optimized weighing fewer images.
  • Do not use frames (frames). This avoids some errors display in the browser and facilitates printing.
  • Do not use Flash when not add value. Internet search engines and some Smartphone and tablets cannot read the text in Flash.
  • In most cases it is advisable to use a (not expandable to the full width of the screen) fixed width for easy reading.
  • Using easily readable font types and a tool to allow the text to grow. There is an estimate that 75% of adults use some type of glasses to correct vision.
  • All pages will have an absolute URL. That is, each page will have a different and unique address in the address bar of your browser (may seem obvious, but there are websites that do not work well). Doing it correctly, it is possible for visitors to add your site to favorites or send a link to a particular product by e-mail.
  • Optionally you can use the breadcrumb (breadcrumb) on every page. Example: “You are in: Home -> Services -> Consulting“.
  • Sticking to standards development to ensure that the website can be viewed in all browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Contact the visitor through forms and online chat tool.
  • To break the monotony of large amounts of text, use own stock or photographs.
  • Using Google Analytics or some other tool to measure income to the website.
  • The copy of the website, i.e., the information it contains, must have these characteristics:
    • Well written texts, containing information relevant to what we want to highlight.
    • Do not try to trick Internet search engines by exaggerated repetitions of words, use the same color of text and background, or some other undesirable tactics.
    • Do not use highly technical language as our potential customers are not necessarily experts in the field.
    • Keep text short and concise.
    • Include a section (or blog) which generated articles are published by your company on the theme that dominates. This helps make your page more relevant to search engines, plus you become a reliable source of information for your customers and prospects.


These characteristics are the basic that a website should have, but more should be evaluated according to project and customer requirements to provide additional tools like Flipping Books, Ad Words campaigns, use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube), application development, control panels to manage databases, content managers to change the information from the website automatically Intranet development tools, optimized access for mobile devices, blogs, or other.

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